The RiverWoods is an initiative motivated by some noble goals and is obliged to social responsibility. The RiverWoods School (RWS) started its original journey in 2018 as a number of professionals, retired army officers, university professors, agriculturalists and social workers who are already well-established in their respective fields, felt an urge to contribute to the society. The entrepreneurs acknowledged imparting knowledge to be the best way to participate in the development process of Bangladesh. Thereby, they decided to establish a school which would not only address the demands of its stakeholders, i.e. parents and children but also realize the challenges of the future. In its endeavour, the RWS proceeded step-by-step to choose a better campus, employed best teachers and staff, developed curriculum having an international flavour, and ensured all possible utilities. Even with available resources, everything has been possible only because of unlimited dedication and passion. The RWS puts highest importance to discipline and quality education and promises to build future leaders.